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Olga Makarova (aka Olga McArrow or Mildegard) is a sci-fi and fantasy writer, author of "Gifts of wandering ice" (sci-fi webcomic), "Cold Obsidian" (illustrated fantasy novel), "Tales from the Afterworld" (collection of illustrated short stories), and other books. You can both read them online and buy them as ebooks or paperbacks.

Ольга Макарова (или Мильдегард) пишет фантастику и фэнтези. Ее книги (комикс "Дары бродячих льдов", фантастика "Галерея миров", фэнтези "Трилогия Омниса" и сборники рассказов) больше не публикуются на сайте, но их все еще можно купить в электронном виде, а перевод комикса на русский продолжается на Патреоне.

Olga's books

All ebooks cost $1 but you can add a tip if you like.
Gifts of wandering ice - Book 1
Gifts of wandering ice - Book 1

Sci-fi comic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. Also exists as a webcomic.

E-book ($1)

Russian books
Gifts of wandering ice - Book 2

A group of cave dwellers and hunters enters the uncharted ice caves in search of ancient relics. They do find one: powering a little cryo capsule with a sleeping baby in it.

E-book ($1)

Ice Gift
Ice Gift

The story that inspired "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic. Two kids find a frozen man. The man wakes up...

E-book ($1)
Paperback (£5.7)

Cold Obsidian
Cold Obsidian

Book 1 of "Obsidian Trilogy". A fantasy story about a young mortal who becomes an apprentice of the creators of his world. Also exists as a webnovel.

E-book ($1)
Paperback ($13)

Russian books
Wolf Song

"Wolf Song" is an illustrated short story about a scientist who left the city to live with wolves. She enjoys being a hermit, writes poems in the wilderness, befriends a wolf family and learns a thing or two about life from them.

Ebook: free or pay what you want

Russian books
Книги на русском

"Галерея миров" (фантастика, где бог спускается на постапокалиптическую Землю не как пророк, а как солдат), "Трилогия Омниса" (фэнтези о мире, где магию нужно стабилизировать научными методами), "Осколки чего-то красивого" (дневник сказочника) и "Книга замирских легенд" сборник рассказов.

Links and extras

Gifts of wandering ice - webcomic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs. Updates twice a week.

Obsidian Trilogy (Cold Obsidian - Hot Obsidian - Smoky Obsidian) - webnovel about a fantasy world with artificially stabilized magic.

Random Webcomic - webcomic roulette, a simple site that sends you to a random webcomic in one click when you want to read something new.

Ko-fi (one-time donations)
Patreon (monthly donations)
Gumroad (bookstore)
Twitter (@gifts_webcomic)

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About "Gifts of wandering ice"
"Gifts of wandering ice" is a sci-fi webcomic about ancient things people find in melting icebergs.
The story is set in a peaceful matriarchal society where human life is valued greatly and is focused on exploration and character development. "Ice gifts" people study to understand their past are things belonging to a dead civilization - New Atlantis - that was a postapocalyptic society as well. 

About "Obsidian Trilogy"
"Obsidian Trilogy" is an illustrated webnovel set in a world where magic must be stabilized artificially in order to be used by humans. It combines sci-fi and fantasy elements and touches lucid dreaming a bit.
In "Cold obsidian" we will follow the story of a young man who becomes an apprentice of the creators of his world and gets involved in their affairs.
In "Hot obsidian" we will follow the story of a boy raised by a mysterious Hot Obsidian cult with a purpose that is as great as it is sinister.
In "Smoky obsidian" we will watch both their stories collide.

Adge's Manor - personal website of Alan Jackson, author of "Seer Walks Out" (a novel about a young shaman and her tribe set in postapocalyptic South Wales) and other stories. He translated all the poems in "Obsidian Trilogy" from Russian into English.

Spiderforest Collective - a community of webcomic creators. GWI is one of their webcomics.

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