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Olga Makarova

Born in 1985. Russian sci-fi and fantasy writer and freelance illustrator.

My formal education was in general biology and human genetics which affected my books greatly. I love creating huge, complex, detailed worlds and care about them a lot. I love science so much that even my fantasy novels are full of it. And yes, I hate the explanations like "because it is magic!". In my worlds everything is science, even magic.

I have 6 books published now, but all of them are in Russian, so I cannot share them with English-speaking people (which make a huge part of Earth population), unfortunately. I hope to master English well enough one day to translate my books. For now, all I can do is drawing and translating comics. "Gifts of wandering ice" is my first attempt to turn a novel into a graphic novel, and I have a lot to learn still.

Please, feel free to write me about any error you find in the text. I'll correct it right away.

And as I said I am a freelance illustrator. Contact me if you need an image to be drawn. I draw in different styles. You can see more of my art here.


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"Gifts of wandering ice" is a scifi story set in a green postapocalyptic world where the apocalypse has - surprisingly! - made people better. They now live in a peaceful matriarchal society where wars are forgotten and human life is valued greatly. These people explore the world together, as friends and comrades. The world is full of danger, though, because "ice gifts" (ancient things melting icebergs bring) can be anything. Usually, they are the remains of a civilization long dead and forgotten.

Gifts of wandering ice - webcomic about ancient icebergs and mysterious things hidden inside them




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