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Olga Makarova

Born in 1985. Russian sci-fi and fantasy writer and freelance illustrator.

My formal education was in general biology and human genetics which affected my books greatly. I love creating huge, complex, detailed worlds and care about them a lot. I love science so much that even my fantasy novels are full of it. And yes, I hate the explanations like "because it is magic!". In my worlds everything is science, even magic.

I have 6 books published now, but all of them are in Russian, so I cannot share them with English-speaking people (which make a huge part of Earth population), unfortunately. I hope to master English well enough one day to translate my books. For now, all I can do is drawing and translating comics. "Gifts of wandering ice" is my first attempt to turn a novel into a graphic novel, and I have a lot to learn still.

Please, feel free to write me about any error you find in the text. I'll correct it right away.

And as I said I am a freelance illustrator. Contact me if you need an image to be drawn. I draw in different styles. You can see more of my art here.


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Old world is dead. A catastrophe of forgotten origin had wiped the old civilization out. Ice age came after. And then - a thaw, when water levels rised tremendously and even ancient icebergs began to melt. People of this post-ice age are peaceful and remember very little of their history. They can only guess what it was like by the 'gifts' - objects and creatures wandering icebergs bring to their shore each spring. Sometimes these 'gifts' are dangerous, or even alive...


Character of the Gifts of wandering ice comic - hunter with twit tattoo - Rikter

Rikter. In Part 1 of the comic he is a young boy of about 12. He and his brother Nikt are twins. Birth of twins is considered a bad sign in his tribe, and to prevent any mischief that can possibly come from the visual identity of two people one of the twins - usually a younger one - is to be marked with a red tatto on the face. Being a younger brother Rikter has such tattoo - three red stripes on his right cheek. He is interested in everything about cave dwellers and wandering ice.

Character of the Gifts of wandering ice scifi webcomic - cave dweller girl - Ellie

Elie. A young girl about 12 from the cave dweller's tribe. Being her blind grandmother's apprentice she studies wandering ice and their "gifts". She has an artistic talent and dreams of crossing the ocean to see what the rest of the world really looks like. She wonders if there are other people, and whether the civillization that had made so many wonderful things exists yet. She likes Rikter but he is obviously not the right person to help her to answer these questions.

Character from the Gifts of wandering ice webcomic - girl hunter and chieftain's daughter - Rita

Rita. Rikter's and Nikt's big sister and also their mentor and protector. She is six yeas older than her brothers. And when she was only 12 she had to protect them from the hungry monster - one of the "gifts" brough by some melting iceberg. She was mortally wounded during the fight. It took the mastery of cave dwellers - tribe who managed to recover some secrets of the ancients - and a good deal of luck to save her life. Three long scars on her neck remind of that day. Rita is a calm, clever and strong person. She loves her little brothers very much.

Character of the Gifts of wandering ice webcomic - Tim, Rita's husband

Tim. Cave dweller coming from a famous healer family, Rita's husband and best friend. Tim was the one who nursed Rita back to health after she'd been injured by the monster, and he knows everything about her health: how fragile it is in fact. Tim's no hunter and no fighter, he's a typical househusband who is good with kids and loves his wife very much.

Character of the Gifts of wandering ice webcomic - Kalare, the blind sage

Kalare. Wise old lady with a young heart, scientific mind and a passion for storytelling. Elie's grandmother and mentor.

Character of the Gifts of wandering ice webcomic - Ren, the mute shaman

Ren. Shaman of the hunters' tribe, husband of the chief - Lara - and father of Rita, Rikter, and Nikt. Ren is mute and uses magic string to "speak" with symbols.

Character of the Gifts of wandering ice online graphic novel - twin brother of the main protagonist - Nikt Nikt. Rikter's twin brother. Kind but quick-tempered fellow. Loves hunting more than anything and doesn't care much about mysteries and forgotten past. Being an elder brother, he has no marking tattoo on his face.

More character descriptions are coming soon!




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