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"Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic is based on the short novel written by Makarova Olga. The story differs a bit though. Both art and English translation were made by the author of the original novel. English being not her mother tongue, there may be errors. Should you notice any, please do not hesitate to contact her.



My games
Ice gift hunt - scifi visual novel - free, online
"Ice gift hunt" is a visual novel based on the comic.

Free online jigsaw puzzles with pictures from the webcomic "Gifts of wandering ice"
Free online jigsaw puzzles with colored arts from the comic.
My art
Voxel Rita
Stereograms with Rita and raptor Frozen lake Adventurer's waterfall  
Rita - character of "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic - concept art Maria - Character from "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic Ksenya, mother of Tanya and Tim. She's a healer of a special kind: people like her have access to ancient machines like this robotic surgeon.  
Elie - character of the "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic Rita and ice monster "Дары бродячих льдов". Плакат для выставки комиксов, прошедшей в Самаре в 2015г.  
Rikter - character of the "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic Old cover Poster - 2016
Lake and spiral jetty
Rita and raptor Nautilus charm from the "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic Full color first page of the "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic  
Six characters of the "Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic
Cable way
Rikter - fanart Fanart by Bobbit Fanart by Bobbit  
Fanart - Rita - Gifts of wandering ice Gifts of wandering ice - webcomic - Kalare - fanart by Maria Trescheva





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