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Elder children guiding younger siblings is an ancient tradition among the hunters. It benefits everyone giving parents more free time for their own buisiness, teaching elder kids about responsibility, and giving more care and protection to the little ones. Rita has been a mentor to Nikt and Rikter for six years, since she was 12 years old. Lir became her mentor (instead of Jan) at the age of 12 too and had been guiding her for five years, until Jan had killed him in a festival fight.


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"Gifts of wandering ice" webcomic is based on the short novel written by Makarova Olga. The story differs a bit though. Both art and English translation were made by the author of the original novel. English being not her mother tongue, there may be errors. Should you notice any, please do not hesitate to contact her.



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Author's comment:

In the original short story the webcomic is loosely based upon Rikter wasn't a kind little boy at all and had a personality akin to Nikt's (bitter, uninterested in the ice gifts) and Jan's (prone to violence, able to kill).

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