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Sola and Mia - Rita's cousins - hear Jan's cry and run to the rescue. They don't know it's Jan, of course. They're just hurrying to help some poor guy who's got in trouble and is crying on top of his lungs. Mia sends Rikter to bring the others. Oh, and a bit of my favourite hexagonal basalt scenery there. The girls cross a border where rocky ground turns into grassland.


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Author's comment:

I've had some problems with Paint Tool SAI recently. It started acting weird and has even corrupted a few files ruining my work in process. So I switched to Fire Alpaca. It's free, less buggy than SAI, and can do a lot of things (there are comic templates, rulers, custom brushes, symmetry, etc). If you like to draw, try it, it's very nice.

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