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Jan is still alive by the time Tim's hunters arrive, but he looks bad, his face a bloody mess. People gather around Rita in silence, some unsure what to do, some approving of their hero's actions, but everyone terrified for such violence is unheard of in the post ice age world. And the only one who dares to stand up for the tortured criminal is Rita's husband.


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Author's comment:

I'm currently working on the translation of a short story this webcomic is loosely based upon. I'm also going to sketch a few pictures for it to illustrate what the original characters looked like. In the end the story will be free for everyone to read, but transtation and drawing will take a while. You may support me on Patreon ($1/month will be enough) if you wish to see the work in progress. There is also other cool stuff for you there like short stories, wallpapers, and extra art (for the same $1/month).

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