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The reason why we don't see dozens of Jans running wild and murdering people on a whim is because sociopaths have a damn good system for educating their kids. Specific training Rita speaks about creates a subpersonality* that can tame and control the sociopaths' violent nature turning them into guardians, leaders, and keepers of ancient knowledge (remember, they are the only ones who can master high level psi-profiles - the most valuable ones). What makes Rita so emotional here is that sometimes the controlling subpersonality fails. Like today when whe nearly killed her own brother and did enjoy torturing him. She is afraid she will become like Jan one day, or her child will. She sees her family's brain type as a kind of curse, despite all its benefits. 

* A subpersonality is, in transpersonal psychology, a personality mode that kicks in (appears on a temporary basis) to allow a person to cope with certain types of psychosocial situations. Subpersonalities are able to perceive consciousness as something separate from themselves. The average person has about a dozen subpersonalities.


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