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Empathy is a fleeting thing. When you're angry and your adrenaline levels are high enough it just stops working. You no longer feel pain: both your own and the others'. Only discipline and self control can help you then, and Rita has both, as Tim points out.


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Author's comment:

Hello again! I returned from my trip to the sea (I was there with a nice company of people from my Muay Thai gym) and now the comic will update as usual (Mon, Fri). People who support me on Patreon will be 4-6 pages ahead of everyone else. Join the club :)
And I have a question to you, dear readers: have anyone played "Ice gift hunt"? Please, give me some feedback if you have, here, in the comments: ice_gift_hunt_game. Whether I will create more stories and illustrations for the game depends on it.

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