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Page 360

Elie wakes up in healer's cave (one of the small chambers of the giant cave hunters use as a place for their winter camp). She has lost her fingertips to frostbite, but Lare reassures her that they can be regrown.

By the way, did you know that humans can regrow fingertips?


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Author's comment:

Holidays are upon us! So I've colored another page for you (chosen by Neva on Patreon). Here it is: Page 354 in color! And I want to say that I'm going to miss a couple of updates. It's Dec, 25 and Jan, 1 (both Mondays). Christmas and New Year. I doubt there will be many visitors these days anyway and I'll be able to have some rest and maybe even build a little buffer. If you're with me on Patreon you'll see all the pages as usual: days or even weeks before they are published.

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