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Maria, Kalare's mother, replaces the deseased members of the Council of Elders with two young women. Anna we already know, she's one of Rita's friends (see page 82) and is only 20 years old, Darya is a completely new character, she's 31. Both are obviously too young to be Elders. Before the plague the youngest Elder was Ksenya (56 years old) and other coucilors used to remind her about this every time they disagreed with her (page 242).

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For now, the troubles with my computer are over. I've lost some data, sure, but luckily none of it was comic related. I have other things to worry about though, like Project Wonderful (ad network I use to earn some money from my comic) ending its service in July. I have no idea what to do then. I tested other ad networks on my Comic Fury website, but the ads they show are so disgusting and spammy they will scare all you people away, plus, payments they offer are not even close to Project Wonderful's. Neither Patreon nor Ko-fi are able to compensate for what I'm going to lose as well. I've never figured out how I can convince people to support me there, so most of my earnings have always been coming from ads. If you have some advice for me, please, let me know.

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