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"Eden" is a place where time seems to stop, fears die, and happiness heals. In such a place it's too easy to forget you have mere hours left to live. And even if you remember that, death doesn't seem so devastatingly scary anymore.

When planning this episode, I've been thinking a lot about how Nolan and Hope would interact. A man who grew up in a womanless world and a woman who grew up in manless world. Two people raised in asexual societies. Would there be lust, hate, fear... at least some dirty looks? But then I thought: no. Humans have no instincts. Everything they do is a social construct, things they were taught or had copied from an example. So without such an example to follow these two strangers would behave as a pair of innocent kids sincerely enjoying each other's company. At least at first, before they have time to explore their feelings further. And they won't have this time.

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I cannot go to the gym now because of my injury so I'm working on my comic more than usual. There are currently 484 pages published on Patreon + some extra art. If you wanted to support me (and look into the future!), now is a good time!

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