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Bright day, blinking sea, icebergs, jagged silhouettes of basalt mountains far away and a slow, peaceful journey high above all this beauty. Lots of time to talk, even about some philosophical things like whether it is true that what doesn't kill us makes us stronger and whether certain events can be a subject of a joke.


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Gifts of wandering ice - Page 73 - What doesn't kill us makes us stronger - comic, webcomic, graphic novel, sci-fi, scifi, fiction, story, postapocalyptic, black and white, grayscale, cable way, cableway, rope way, ropeway, journey, sea, landscape, iceberg, wandering ice, melting ice, global warming, meltdown, ice age, savages, handmade, self made, basalt, basalt structures, island, basalt mountain, ocean, sea landscape, jagged silhouete, philosophy, what doesn't kill us makes us stronger, children, sister, brother, girl, boy

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Check out the colored version of this landscape!

cableway over the ocean




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